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Martha’s Vineyard in the Off-Season

Posted by Bryan Nelson on Fri, Nov 06, 2015 @ 12:21 PM

describe the imageGet in Touch with Your Inner Artist: According to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Geraldine Brooks, Martha’s Vineyard has two seasons: tourist season and the “secret season.” This is the time when year-rounders enjoy the peace and relaxation that’s at the heart of the island. It’s also a time that reminds you why so many authors and artists have been drawn to Martha’s Vineyard, finding inspiration in its natural beauty and charming historic buildings.

Of course you don’t have to be a writer or artist to appreciate the island during the off-season, but if you decide to go now, you might just uncover not only some gems that tourists don’t see, but you might also find your own inner artist.

“All the world’s a stage. . .”

Shakespeare said that the whole world was a stage, and that the people in it were merely players. When you travel to Martha’s Vineyard in October or November, you’ll find that all the island is a stage, and the scenery, both natural and artificially made, is all a “player.”

What makes the island so appealing, even captivating, in the winter, is that it replaces the noise and happy chaos of tourists with a quiet that leaves only room for enjoying the relaxing sights and sounds. . .and your thoughts.

Fewer people, less cost

During the winter months, there are about half as many people as you’ll find in the summer. That means less traffic, less waiting in line at some of the locals’ favorite spots, too. It also means that a trip here is about half the cost—with accommodations offering lower rates, as well as businesses offering specials. (Sometimes the practical advantages can be inspiring, too.)

Getting there

The Steamship Authority does offer year-round ferry service from Woods Hole on Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard. As the months grow colder, the trips grow fewer. So you should make your reservation ahead of time to secure your ride to the island.

Photography, anyone?

If you’re a photographer, hobbyist or you simply appreciate beautiful landscapes, head to Aquinnah where you can climb to the top of Gay Head. There you’ll find incredible shots of the famous Gay Head Cliffs and the lighthouse. Even though you certainly wouldn’t want to go for a swim at the beach, you’ll find that the beach is still as beautiful as it is in the summer, just waiting to be photographed and appreciated.

Where to stay

There are a number of hotels and inns that remain open all year. In Edgartown, you’ll find the Harbor View Hotel, which is one of the largest hotels on the island. It’s located right near the Edgartown Lighthouse—another stunning photograph. Besides the Sunday brunch and convenient location near the center of town, Harbor View Hotel is a favorite place because no two rooms are alike.

The Charlotte Inn, ranked four stars by Forbes Travel Guide, is also located in the heart of Edgartown. A luxurious inn, inspired by 19th Century décor and style, The Charlotte Inn is like a secret hideaway with picturesque trees and landscaping.

If you travel to Martha’s Vineyard during the off-season, it may be too cold for long walks. But you can travel in the comfort of a warm rental car to get around the island. Contact A-A Island Auto Rental to fully experience Martha’s Vineyard during the “secret season.” We’ll help you get wherever you want to go on the island. Contact us today.

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