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A-A Island Auto Rental's Favorite Restaurants

Posted by Benn Whitney on Tue, Jul 05, 2011 @ 02:18 PM

At A-A Island Auto Rental, we are always willing to share our favorite Martha's Vineyard destinations with you. People constantly ask for the best place to grab a bite. Even if you don't rent a car from us, we'd be happy to point you in the right direction for a delectable meal. Here are a list of some of our favorites.

It's hard to go wrong in Vineyard Haven. There are so many great restaurants... the Black Dog Tavern, Le Grenier, The Art Cliff Diner, Saltwater, the Vineyard Pizza Place and Rocco's, just to name a few. We particularly like the following:

The Net Result:

Net Result resized 600

The Net Result is first and foremost a fish market, but they offer so much more. Burgers, sandwiches, chowder, and best of all- amzing sushi. We always say that they have the freshest seafood down island, and it's no joke. Stop in and tell them that A-A Island sent you.



ZEPHRUS resized 600

The Zephrus is on the first floor of the Mansion House, on the corner of Main and Beach steets, just a short walk from our office at 5 Corners. Check them out for a sensational burger... enough said. 


The Blue Canoe:

Blue Canoe resized 600

The Blue Canoe is located next to the Vineyard Haven Marina, overlooking the east side of the harbor. Combine the view with the fact that it's one of the few places in town where you can have a drink with your meal, and its worth every penny.


In Oak Bluffs, there are a multitude of options. Smoke N Bones, Gio's, Nancy's Sai Mai... the list goes on and on. Stop in at these A-A Island favorites to find out what the fuss is all about.


The Lookout Tavern

Lookout Tavern resized 600

The Lookout combines good pub food with sushi and homemade fries. We like it because you can sit out on the porch or go inside to watch the Red Sox play. Their home made fries are particularly tasty. 


Coop De Ville

Coop De Ville resized 600

Coop is right on the harbor, about 150 yards from our Oak Bluffs office. It's not uncommon to find A-A Island employees there unwinding after work. We definitely aren't the only ones endorsing this place. Check it out and you'll understand why.


It's no easier to pick a place to eat in Edgartown. The Seafood Shanty, Alchemy, Edgartown Pizza, The Square Rudder, and Chesca's are all well known. Look at these to get a refreshing taste of Edgartown. 


The Grill on Main:

The Grill On Main resized 600

The Grill is attached to the Clarion Hotel and located next to Stop&Shop on Upper Main. Chef Tony is a wizard- nee I say more?


The Quarterdeck

Quarterdeck resized 600

The Quarterdeck is the quintessential hole in the wall. Order your food, stand back and wait, then mosey on over to the Memorial Wharf to gobble down the goodness.


Martha's Vineyard has a lot of character. We hope you will join us in embracing everything it has to offer. 

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