How to keep your Martha's Vineyard car rental rate low

Face it, the cost for a Martha's Vineyard car rental is going to be more than the cost of a car rental is southern Florida... Here, I will supply you with some tips to keep that rental rate as low as possible.

  • Think in 24s- With us, your island car rental rate is based on a 24 hour day, not a calendar day. 9.00 AM today until 9.00 tomorrow is one day, not two. It's great if you're taking a ferry to Martha's Vineyard one day and getting on the return trip the following day. Extra hours are expensive, so keep that 24 hour period in mind at all times.
  • Play by the rules- don't be scared by the fees you can incur during your rental. Leave the smokes and pets at home. The clean-up costs extra.
  • Get that gas- too often customers run in the office 5 minutes before their ferry is scheduled to leave and throw the keys at us, saying they didn't have time to refuel. We make our gas policy extreme because we don't have time to go refuel everyone's car. Just leave 5 minutes before and do it on your way...
  • Take a trip in the off season- you can get a Martha's Vineyard car rental in May or October for half the price of an August rental. Don't fight the crowds and come see us at a slower time. The island is beautiful regardless.
Hopefully this gives you an idea of how to keep that island rental car rate down. It's not as hard as you might think.
Drive safe.

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