Martha’s Vineyard Electric Bike Rentals

The fall is the perfect time to visit the island of Martha’s Vineyard. There are plenty of things to do and see. The weather is still absolutely gorgeous. As an added bonus, the vast majority of the summer tourists are gone. That means the island is not as crowded. A great way to see some of the sights is on an electric bike. The good news is that there are places that offer electric bike rentals. So, what are some of the advantages of riding an electric bike? First and foremost, electric bikes provide a faster riding experience.

In essence, the boost from the motor allows electric bike riders to increase their average speeds when compared to a conventional bicycle. The bottom line is that you can travel at the same speed with a lot less effort, or travel much faster with little additional effort. If you’re getting a bit tired and don’t feel like pedaling, you can put the electric bike on throttle mode. Most electric bikes will travel upwards of 20 miles per hour with zero without the need to pedal the bike. That means you can travel a lot further on an electric bike then you can on a conventional bike.

That’s a very nice feature to have when touring an island such as Martha’s Vineyard. In fact, most electric bikes have a range of 50 miles or more between charges. Of course, the battery range depends on specific variables such as the condition of the road, the weather, and the weight of the rider.

If you’re planning to travel to Martha’s Vineyard during the fall, it absolutely makes sense to rent a vehicle to get around to the various places that you want to see and experience. You can even rent an electric bike and take it with you in the car.  That way you can come and go as you please without having to walk, pay for an Uber or Lyft or go by the bus schedule. We even provide complimentary pick-up at all of the Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Haven and Edgartown Inns and Hotels to make it even easier for you.

MV Auto Rental has been helping people navigate Martha’s Vineyard since 1996. We are truly your experienced guide to car rentals on the Island. Our mission is to have you explore Martha’s Vineyard in style. That’s why we provide our valued customers with the newest models available on the market. Please browse our selection of premium vehicles and tour the Island in style.

We have six (6) convenient locations, so whether you take a ferry to Vineyard Haven or Oak Bluffs, our offices are within walking distance to each terminal. We also have an office at 196 Upper Main Street in Edgartown and offer complimentary pick-up/drop off service at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport. Please make your reservation online or call us. Our hours of operation are 8am - 6pm in Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs. If you require before or after-hours pick-ups, please call us to make arrangements.

Our process is simple and straightforward. MV Auto Rental has a flat rate instead of an hourly rate in order to make it easier for you. We require a valid credit card or debit card at checkout. In addition, the driver’s license presented at checkout must match the primary driver’s license that’s on the rental agreement. Please note that if you drop off your rental car after hours at one of our locations, you’re responsible for the automobile until the point that we close the rental agreement after inspecting it the next day.

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