The Hidden Treasures of Martha’s Vineyard

Are you aware of the hidden treasures of Martha’s Vineyard? Unfortunately, the vast majority of vacationers and visitors end up getting more involved in the commercial aspects of the island. In essence, they don’t discover the true treasures that the island has to offer. For example, Martha’s Vineyard has an abundance of nature reserves and tranquil hideaways that you can explore either by yourself or with others. You can get away from the crowds by taking a hike on trails that lead to unpopulated beaches, and breathtaking views. 

So, why don’t more visitors know about these incredible and awe-inspiring places that are scattered throughout Martha’s Vineyard? The answer actually makes a lot of sense. The residents of Martha’s Vineyard are a bit unwilling to let the world know about them. The bottom line is that if everybody was aware that these places existed, they would no longer be nearly as tranquil. The good news is that most of these hidden treasures are open to the public. That means you are allowed to explore them. 

Where should you begin your journey? We will share one spot in particular with you. We wouldn’t want to upset the locals after all. A great place to see a hidden treasure is in Chappaquiddick, which is actually located on the east side of Martha’s Vineyard. The Trustee’s Mytoi is an absolutely incredible Japanese garden that consists of 14 acres. You will see an amazing display of unique trees, flowers and shrubbery. In addition, a lovely footbridge spans a man-made pond that’s fully stocked with carp and goldfish.

Of course, the fish attract the birds. You’re sure to see ospreys and kingfishers swooping down in all of their glory in order to eat the fish. You’ll also find painted turtles and snapping turtles sunning themselves on the rocks. There are even hiking trails that go through the woods and end up at a salt marsh. We’re feeling generous, so here’s another hidden treasure on Martha’s Vineyard. The Pouchas Pond Reservations is perfect for both bird watchers and people who would prefer an easy stroll instead of a rigorous hike. Here, you will enjoy nature in all of its splendor. 

The hidden treasures of Martha’s Vineyard are well worth the trip to this island. You will not only discover new, interesting, and beautiful places, you may also discover more about yourself in the process. MV Auto Rental would like to make your trip even better for you by providing a wide range of automobile rental selections. You’re definitely going to want to have access to a vehicle in order to get around the island, and we can help. 

We have six (6) convenient locations, so whether you take a ferry to Vineyard Haven or Oak Bluffs, our offices are within walking distance to each terminal. We also have an office at 196 Upper Main Street in Edgartown and offer complimentary pick-up/drop off service at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport. Please make your reservation online or call us. Our hours of operation are 8am - 6pm in Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs. If you require before or after-hours pick-ups, please call us to make arrangements.

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