Visit Martha’s Vineyard in The Fall

Did you know that Martha’s Vineyard doesn’t turn into a ghost town in the fall unless it’s related to Halloween? In fact, you can still capture that magical feeling of the summer including strolls on the beach, lobster rolls, and drinks on the patio. For many people the fall is the best time to visit the island. Everything’s still open, but the crowds are gone. As an added bonus, the weather is amazing. Martha’s Vineyard in the fall is truly a magical place. Just keep in mind that after Labor Day, the ferries run on a reduced schedule. 

Fall is the perfect time of year to view the colorful cottages without the noise and hassle of the crowds. Here’s an interesting fact. There are 318 gingerbread cottages in total. They actually date back all the way to the 1860’s. The colorful cottages were built by Methodist Revivalists. At that time in history, there were temporary tents mixed in with the cottages. Another reason why the fall is the perfect time to visit the gingerbread cottages is due to the fact that the incredible foliage adds the perfect measure of background beauty to the already colorful structures. 

The fall also offers visitors the rare opportunity to experience the most gorgeous beach on the entire Island. Lambert’s Cove Beach is restricted to residents only during the summer months. However, it’s open to visitors during the fall. The weather may even be warm enough during your fall visit to take a nice swim. If you enjoy shopping, fall is the perfect time of year to do so on Martha’s Vineyard. Most of the shops hold end of the season sales. As far as traffic, what traffic? The fall is the perfect time to get around and tour the island without worrying about getting stuck in summer traffic. 

In conclusion, Martha’s Vineyard is a wonderful place to visit during the fall months. If you’re planning a trip to the island then you may want to give some serious consideration to renting a vehicle from MV Auto Rental. It will provide you with the flexibility to tour Martha’s Vineyard on your own time schedule. When you rent a vehicle from us, you don’t need to worry about the bus schedule, or if your Lyft or Uber driver will actually show up or keep you stranded. MV Auto Rental even provides our valued customers with complimentary pick-up at all of the Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Haven and Edgartown Inns and Hotels in order to make your trip to the Island even more enjoyable. 

We have six (6) convenient locations, so whether you take a ferry to Vineyard Haven or Oak Bluffs, our offices are within walking distance to each terminal. We also have an office at 196 Upper Main Street in Edgartown, and offer complimentary pick-up/drop off service at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport. Please make your reservation online, or call us. Our hours of operation are 8am - 6pm in Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs. If you require before or after hours pick-ups, please call us to make arrangements.

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