Directions to A-A Island from the ferries to Martha's Vineyard

As I have discussed before, when you take a ferry to Martha's Vineyard and rent a car with us, we like to know which ferry you will be coming on. We aren't far away from any of the ferry docks in Oak Bluffs or Vineyard Haven but if you don't know where to find us, you could easily walk by and not know it. So I'm laying out directions to our offices from all of the major ferries for both towns.

Let's start with Vineyard Haven. Our Vineyard Haven office is located at 4 Water Street.

nbff resized 600 from New Bedford, MA AND

TheSteamshipAuthority resized 600 from Woods Hole, MA:

  1. Simply walk off of your boat and out to the street. Water Street runs left/right from your perspective
  2. Cross the street and turn left
  3. Walk ~100 yards, passing Stop&Shop on your right and the Black Dog Bakery on your left
  4. When you hit '5 corners', our office is immediately on the right, at the intersection of Water Street and Beach Street

In Oak Bluffs, you have the option of taking any of these five ferries. Our office is at 31 Circuit Avenue Extension, directly across the street from the Harbormaster. Here are the directions:


 hyline cruises resized 600 from Hyannis, MA:

  1. Disembark your ferry and walk straight out to the street beyond Fishbones
  2. Turn left and walk ~200 yards, passing by Anderson's Bike Rentals
  3. Our office is located on the right side of the road, in a garage under the big house that has a sign reading 'The North Bluff.' Various A-A Island signs should be visible from the street.

vineyard fast ferry resized 600 from Quonset Point, RI AND island queen resized 600 from Falmouth, MA

  1. Disembark your boat and you can see our office across the street to the right
  2. Again, look for the 'North Bluff' sign on the house or the various A-A Island signs to point you in the right direction


nbff resized 600 from New Bedford, MA

TheSteamshipAuthority resized 600 from Woods Hole, MA AND

  1. Walk off the dock to the street.
  2. Seaview Avenue runs left/right from your perspective
  3. Turn right onto Seaview, keeping the ocean on your right side
  4. Walk ~200 yards, passing the Lookout Tavern on your left
  5. At the end of the street, you will be in the Island Queen parking lot- turn left onto Circuit Avenue Extension. Our office is immediately on the left hand side, directly across from the Harbormaster

Congratulations- you have successfully found our office. Now pick up your car and get to the beach...

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